Brighter society ambassador award program – Happy Chair Dance Party

Over the past few years, we have been organizing the Award Scheme for Ambassadors of Brighter Society among which the chair dance party for the senior is the most impressive where the senior leave their rooms to contact with the young in the community, playing games, talking and dancing happily. The results of this service are obvious that the young can deeply understand the value and significance of the senior’s life in their later years, and a social culture of care and respect for the senior is formed.


Theme : Chair Dance Party for Seniors
Venue : Kowloon Bay International Trade & Exhibition Centre
Target : the senior in the residential care homes

Words of participants

My dream came true, I danced in my wheelchair!

I have loved to dance since Childhood, but as a young child I had to take care of my younger siblings at home and help my mother with the housework, so I did not have the opportunity to learn how to dance. After I got married, I was too busy taking care of my family to dance. Up to now, I am not in a condition to enjoy dancing. Just when I thought I could never dance again in my life, this activity made my dream come true. I am so excited that when I wheeled around, it happened to be in tune with the music and the rhythm. Although simple movements took a lot of time to practice, I enjoyed it very much. I am very grateful to the volunteers and staff for helping me realize my dream.

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