Purposes of Donation

Let’s all donate to help the senior

cedar seeds foundation an non-profit organisation, not funded by government nor any parent charity organisation. It’s is fully depends on fund raising. Apart from holding activities and quality service development cost, the fundings are used to help the underprivileged seniors living in residential care home or living alone without family or relatives, including:

  • To organise caring visits and programs such as Brighter Society ambassadors award program.
  • supporting end of life service fees and funeral expenses, to provide a safe and comfortable environment for dying elderlies to spend their final days peacefully with their love ones.

The fund agrees with the concept that “ what we earned from society should be make full use to society”, so the initial funds are all donated by individuals and well-intentioned people. However, it is urgent to raise funds for the sustainable development of our service concept. Each generous and living donation will help foundation to grow. Please act now and contact us at [email protected] or 2323 2313 for donations.