Corporate Engagement

Practice corporation social responsibility to benefit the senior

It is not enough to integrate the senior into the community by relying on the power of young people alone. With the support of corporations contribution the community, our program is able to shine light on good deeds. We welcome corporations to organize their employees as a volunteer team to visit the senior in residential care homes, or to accommodate us to hold elderly activities, or in ways of participating in fundraising activities, etc.

Besides, different types of corporations can make use of their expertise. For instance, in recent years, some benevolent corporations have developed software programs or robots suitable for the senior in care homes, to improve their quality of living by early diagnosing, disease or fall prevention. We look forward to work along with corporations to serve the community, enhancing corporate teamwork and building corporate social responsibility. Corporations are welcomed to participate in our fundraising activities or jointly plan charity activities through different ways of cooperation.

Please feel free to contact us at [email protected] or 2323 2313