Encounter with Warmhearted Aged Care Home Operator

Introduction The quality of residential care homes for the elderly in Hong Kong various. In general, the society has a negative impression of residential care homes for the elderly. However, homes operated with…

Relaxation of visits in Residential Care Home, Impractical policies, discouraging public to take vaccine for the reason of visiting.

Residential care homes for the elderly have stopped visiting for more than a year due to Covid 19 pandemic. The Hong Kong government recently allow restricted visiting arrangement for those have taken two jabs of vaccination for more than 14…

Invitation for《Brighter Society Ambassdor》Award Program

We are very pleased to invite you to join the captioned program. The program aim to recruit ambassadors who are dedicated to improve the total wellness of elderlies, especially mental health development. Using your hearts to brighten thier latter life.

Cedar seeds - all-rounded effort fighting the covid-19 pandemic

Controlling of the pandemic: “There will never be enough resources to go around when we fight over them but we have more than enough when we share”

Brighter society ambassador award program - Happy Chair Dance Party

I have loved to dance since Childhood, but as a young child I had to take care of my younger siblings at home and help my mother with the housework, so I did not have the opportunity to learn how to dance. After I got married, I was too busy taking care of my family to dance. Up to now, I am not in a condition to enjoy dancing. Just when I thought I could never dance again in my life, this activity made my dream come true. I am so excited that when I wheeled around, it happened to be in tune with the music and the rhythm. Although simple movements took a lot of time to practice, I enjoyed it very much. I am very grateful to the volunteers and staff for helping me realize my dream.

Brighter Society Ambassador Award Program - Fashion Show

Service targets are elderly care homes. There are many reasons for living in a residential home for a long time, such as living alone, declining or weak physical condition, and lack of family care. The elderly, having lived long at the care home, will find their social interaction abilities deteriorate, and become disconnected from new things and new people, forming a continuous sense of alienation and loneliness, and easily becoming a neglected group.

Brighter Society Ambassador Award Program Ocean Park Happy Tour

I am very happy to visit the Ocean Park with my relatives and volunteers. I have never been to any amusement park, because I need a wheelchair, so it is not convenient for me to move around, not to mention the Ocean Park, simply going to a restaurant is a hassle. But today, with the help of the volunteers, I can go to the amusement park. Today is really a happy and unforgettable day.