Our Story

Take one more step for the senior

Inspired by several heart-touching stories of the senior, Cedar Seeds Foundation is determined to “take an extra step” for the senior.

We have seen countless senior people who die alone, helpless and traumatized, and even unable to leave the world peacefully due to neglection of the seniors’ mental wellness by the society over all these years. One of the goals of Cedar Seeds Foundation is to look after the total wellness of seniors, we extend our care to the seniors’ families and carers, hope to provide appropriated help on their emotional needs.

We play a catalyst role for improving public awareness on senior wellness, to build a professional volunteer platform to care for the senior, to teach the skills of getting along with and taking care of the seniors, so as to create a better life for the aging community.

Another important goal is to improve the social image of Residential care homes for the senior. The community generally has a negative perception of the senior homes. The general public, including many staff in the industry consider looking after the elderlies are “impulsive” work. We strive to break this concept. Our foundation believe that it is an absolutely honor to be able to serve and care for the last stage of the lives of those who has worked hard throughout their life to build us a home and contributed to our society. The half-baked knowledge of the general public towards senior homes causes social stigma which lower self-esteem of seniors who live in residential care homes and it can hardly attract new generations to join the industry. Nevertheless, There are many caring operators and caretakers in the Homes who dedicatedly serve the seniors should not be discredited. The Foundation takes up an important role to educate the public, promote the professional image of the industry, in order to remove the barrier between society and residential care homes and to build bonding between the young and old.

Cedar Seeds Foundation, like cypress trees with strong vitality, able to sow the seeds of love in the world and serve each other with love. The caring spirit will not end!

About us

Restore happiness with love

Cedar Seeds Foundation was established on 17 October 2017 in Hong Kong to promote charitable work, life education and care for the senior. In addition, it also spreads the seeds of love through visits, workshops, lectures and other activities, and recruits different people and organizations to be trained as professional volunteer teams, so as to show love in action, using life influence life and bringing about social transformation.