Never forget what we started for, inherit the culture of love to let the senior find a place where their hearts belong.

Ms. Rebecca Chau Tseng and Ms. Cheng Kam Sau who have devoted their lives to serving the senior mainly work in Residential Care Home, Day Centre and other non-profit making senior services. In line with their original intention of serving the senior, the two founders work dedicatedly to inherit the culture of respecting and caring for the senior and break the generation gap between young and senior, thus enabling senior to enjoy their old age in peace, seek a place of their hearts and Enjoy their late lives with peace and dignity.

Ms. Rebecca Chau Tseng

  • chairman / CEO of Cedar Seeds Foundation
  • CEO of Gracious Alliance
  • Executive Committee of The Elderly Services Association of Hong Kong
  • Coordinator (Insurance & Importation of foreign labour) of The Elderly Services Association of Hong Kong

Ms. Cheng Kam Sau

  • Director of Cedar Seeds Foundation
  • Honorary advisor of the elderly services association of Hong Kong