Cedar seeds – all-rounded effort fighting the covid-19 pandemic

In February and March 2020, the supply of masks was short all over the world. After numerous obstacles in procurement, coupled with the hard work of staff and volunteers, we were finally able to share some of the available masks with neighbors , I hope to share anti-epidemic supplies and pass on love! Let’s all fight the pandemic and overcome difficulties together! Come on, everyone!

The Beneficiary

  • Donation 2000 pcs of mask to Sai Cho Wan Lutheran Centre for the Elderly
  • Donation 2000 pcs of mask to The C & M Alliance Wah Kee Church
  • Donation 1500 pcs of mask to Senior PC Tsuen Wan
  • Donation 500 pcs of mask to Street Sleepers’ Shelter Society Trustees Incorporated (Wan Chai)
  • Donation 6000 pcs of mask to Gracious Alliance Rehabilitation Services Centre
  • Donation 4000 pcs of mask to Aberdeen food shops
  • Donation 200pcs Personal Protection Gown to Ministry of Higher Education Malaysia